In October 2004, Malcolm Self, a Semer resident, then of 65 years of age, climbed up into the bell tower to renew the ropes of the two working bells, he was told that the last time anybody had been up there was in 1990, 14 years previous, and the bells were surrounded by dead Starlings, (three bags full).

The bells lay in line with the church, the one nearest to Church Lane is supposed to be cracked and is dated 1621; Malcolm gave it a knock but said that it seemed to ring clear to him. The other two working bells nearest to the East end are used weekly; the middle one dated 1618 and cast at Bury. Three old, worn, wooden pulleys are in situ and the bells seem to originally have swung, but the clappers are now tied to the rope and swing against the interior of the bell.

Inscriptions on the Bells

1st Bell Johannes me fecit, T.G. 1618 (John made me)
2nd Bell Meritis Edmundi scimus a crimine mundi (Through the merits of Edmund may we be clean from guilt)
3rd Bell Thomas Cheese me fecit, 1621 (Thomas Cheese made me)

















Compiled by Malcolm and Liam Self, and Michael Thorogood