Semer Support Group - help where it is needed


Fellow Semer Residents

We are likely to have some challenging times ahead of us over the next few months as more of us are affected by the spread of the coronavirus now known as Covid-19.

The government is recommending self-isolation for certain groups of people for a significant period of time. Some may choose to do that in any case.

So we will need to draw on the strength of our community and do what we can to help each other. To that end we are establishing the Semer Support Group. Anyone can volunteer to be a member of it and we hope many of you will do so.

Anyone in the village who needs to self-isolate, but does not have anyone immediately available to help them with running errands, delivering groceries, prescriptions and so on will be welcome to call us on one of the numbers below. We will then identify a volunteer who lives nearby to contact you and help as required.

So if you need someone to help you please contact either of

Steve Nuttall – 07867 317349, email:

Robyn Brunning – 07771 363774, email:

We have also set up a village WhatsApp group so we can share news, ideas and practical information. If you would like to join it please contact

Claire Hood - 07471 350694, email:

If you would like to volunteer to be part of the group, please let Steve Nuttall have your details (name, address including postcode, contact number, email). You can then expect at some point to be asked to call a fellow villager in need and help them out!

Let’s hope this service is not really required, but if it is – we are there for each other.


Below a communication from Community Action Suffolk